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Nice To Cannes
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Nice to Cannes by power boat  Nice to Cannes by helicopter

How to get from Nice To Cannes

The distance from Nice to Cannes is just under 30Km. See Nice to Cannes map. Nice is the nearest airport to Cannes and there is a variety of ways to transfer from Nice to Cannes. There is no railway station in the airport. It is possible to walk to a railway station, but it's a long way along busy roads that are not used much by pedestrians. Taxi is convenient but very expensive. A pre-booked airport transfer is a cost effective alternative to a taxi. The buses aren't too frequent and will take you at least one and a half hours by the time you wait for it. The roads along the coast get very congested in the peak periods and people often take a helicopter. This can be less expensive than you would expect. See links below for more information.

Airport transfer
Save money on taxi fares by pre-booking an airport transfer.

Holiday accommodation in Cannes
In many cases you can get some good deals by hiring a flat whilst you are at the conference in Cannes. These can be quite competitve compared to a hotel. Many self catering flats have been set up specifically for people attending conferences. See Cannes holiday accommodation for more info.

Even though the railway-line runs right past the airport there is no station at the airport. The nearest station St Laurent du Var is about a 30 minute walk from the airport. Be warned, stretches of the walk do not have proper pedestrian pathways. There are two trains an hour and it takes about half an hour. View directions from Nice airport to the nearest train station. The best way to take the train from Nice airport to Cannes is to take the n° 99 bus to Nice train station. More information at:

The rates for the taxi are set by the government and are not cheep. It cost extra to take bags and suitcases. It is possible to spend as much on the taxi as a flight from Nice to London!

Buses from Nice to Cannes
The number 210 Cannes Xpress goes from Nice airport Terminal 1 and 2 to Cannes Gare Routière (Bus Station) goes from 8am to 10pm and takes about an hour from the Airport to the bus station which is about 5 minutes walk from the Palais des Festivals. The buses go twice an hour.

You can also get the number 200, but it's a local bus and takes ages. It is a lot cheaper though.

Both bus n°s 210 and 200 leave Nice airport from the same place at Terminal 1. The 210 Xpress leaves, and arrives, at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The local n° 200 bus only departs and arrives at Terminal 1. There is a free 'Navette' (bus) that takes you between Terminals 1 and 2. Both buses go to Cannes Gare Routière, but not to the same stop. Cannes Gare Routière is opposite the old port next to the Police Station and the Hotel de Ville.

Route n° 210 is run by: Rapides Côte d'Azur

Tarrifs for the number 210 can be found at:
Rapides Cote d'Azur (RCA) operate local and express services in the South of France.

For more information about times, in french, download the relevant pdf on the following link:
The web page is in english but the pdf's are in French. Look for: Aéroport - Cannes Xpress (n° 210) Direct

The Alpes-Maritimes Conseil Général website below has PDFs, in French, for: This web page has PDF downloads for all the buses in the Alpes-Maritimes, which covers all the buses around Nice and Cannes:

A helicopter is sometimes not a lot more than a taxi to Cannes. But this only applies if you are on your own in the taxi and are sharing a helicopter. You should also be aware that Cannes airport is at least a 10 minute taxi drive to Cannes. But a helicopter will get you to Cannes in les than 10 minutes. Map of Aéroport Cannes Mandelieu to Cannes

From Nice airport to the conference centre in less than 10 minutes
At least one company will take you to a helipad in Cannes old harbour which is near the Palais des Festival, where all the conferences are held. This can be not a lot more than taking a taxi, if you get the right deal, at the right time, with a full helicopter. See for more information.

Helicopter companies operating from Nice airport: Motorbike
Particularly suitable during the summer when traffic grinds to a halt. The companies provide a driver and suitable equipment for traveling by motorbike, for example, a helmet equipped with disposable helmet liner and protective gloves.

Motorbike taxi companies: Limousine

Car hire
Because of the high costs of a taxi ride to Cannes, it can be cost effective to hire a car if you are only staying a few days. Compare car hire rates at Nice airport from

Car hire websites: Rental properties in Cannes

Directions from Nice airport T1 & T2 to Saint Laurent du Var, the nearest train station.
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Directions from Nice airport to Cannes.
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